4 Types of Service Your Hyundai Car May Need

Your friends have been reminding you to send your one-year-old car to a Hyundai Beaudesert service shop. But you’re not sure on what process it should undergo.

Is the Hyundai Beaudesert service centre going to fix certain parts? Are they going to replace something? Here’s an overview of the most common services you can get from a Hyundai Beaudesert centre:

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Essential Service

This set of procedures takes care of the basics—from the oil change to inspecting the windscreen. You must follow the suggested date to prevent your engine from malfunctioning. And, since it’s only essential, it may not involve washing.

  • Oil and oil filter change – This drains and replaces the oil. The filter is replaced as well.
  • Windscreen check – The mechanic inspects the windshield for any cracks or splits.
  • Lights – They also check the functionality of the engine light, brake light, headlights, and tail lights.
  • Tyres – The tyres should be balanced. If there’s an unusual vibration in the car, it means your car needs a tyre alignment service.

Interim Service

This type of service includes the essential tune-ups with added safety checks. Most car manufacturers schedule an interim service once every six months. Some may also depend on the mileage and health of the car.

  • Lubrication of moving parts – The application of oil to engine parts to lessen friction, absorb shock between bearings, and reduce tearing.
  • Engine oil top-up – This makes sure the engine’s oil level is correct. Thus, it prolongs the engine’s life.
  • Brake check – Brakes are being pressed hard to activate the brake lights.
  • Fluid leaks inspection – Mechanics also check for any brake fluid or engine oil leak.

Full Service

This covers the same tune-ups from essential and interim service. However, there are more extensive tune-ups and additional brake checks, too.

  • Spark plug – Mechanics quickly replace worn spark plugs to avoid engine damage.
  • Driveshaft – They also check if the driveshaft is failing. Signs of a bad driveshaft are unusual noises like rattling and scraping.
  • Brake fluid – The brake fluid must be in perfect condition to match the high-stress nature of braking.
  • Antifreeze – They will fill the antifreeze or coolant reservoir if needed.
  • A/C system – Mechanics check if they need to recharge the A/C system—which means it doesn’t have an effective cooling function anymore unlike before.
  • Pollen filter – When your car reaches 15,000 miles, you need to replace its cabin air filter or pollen filter.
  • Steering system – During service, mechanics will lubricate and adjust components to alleviate the wear.

Safety Service

Compared to other service types in this list, this is a cheap option. This service check’s coverage will last for a year.

  • Motor oil – Service providers inspect first to avoid overfilling.
  • Belts and hoses – Mechanics inspect these for any splits, cracks, fraying, or overheating.
  • Battery – The mechanics also check if the battery runs on the right voltage (13.7 to 14.7 volts).
  • Handbrake – They also check this for signs of excessive wear. This is essential as you can safely control a car with a well-functioning handbrake.
  • Cooling framework – The radiator should undergo service to prevent the cooling framework from wearing out.

Final Thoughts

Take note to entrust your annual maintenance check to reliable Hyundai service centre. Now, if you own a Ford vehicle, you can call a Ford service centre like They are also a Mitsubishi service centre.

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