Avoiding Typical Car Mishaps on a Road Trip

On your travel checklist, you’ve already listed down the things you’re going to bring, the places you want to see, the food you’d like to eat, and the things you’ll do. You might be thinking that’s all there is to planning a road trip. Actually, you should include a visit to a Skoda service centre in there somewhere. It can spell the difference between fun and adventure and a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Check your tyres

Most motorists don’t bother until one of their tyres goes flat. Don’t be like those people and check the wear bars to know if any are worn and require replacement before you depart. Look at the treads with a coin and examine the pressure with a gauge too. Remember to inspect the spare as well as the jack and toolkit.

  1. Examine the electronics

Horn, windscreen wipers, interior and exterior lights – these should be thoroughly checked, preferably at a Skoda Octavia car service centre. They might seem fine when you start up your ride but they could still get problematic while on the road. As a preventative measure, pack extra fuses and bulbs in case of an emergency.

  1. Look under the bonnet

For sure, you’re aware that most of the important parts of your car are under the bonnet. So, open it and check the oil and fluid levels of the windscreen washer, power steering, transmission, and brakes. If the viscosity or colour of any of the fluids seems off, have them replaced at a reliable Skoda service centre. Splits, bulging, and cracks on the belts and hoses should be addressed along with the battery, too.

  1. Test safety features

You’ll want to make sure that you and your passengers will be safe even if a problem occurs during your trip. Thus, inspect the seat belts if they are retracting and unreeling properly when buckled. Clean out any debris that may be stuck in the retractor as well. If you want to have the airbags examined, ask for help at a Skoda Yeti car service on how to do that.

  1. Bring an emergency kit

Nothing could be more frustrating than being stuck by the side of the road and unable to do anything. Before you leave home, put together a box of items that can get your vehicle patched up until you can get to the nearest Skoda service centre. Must-haves include tire inflator, anti-freeze, oil, flares, jumper cables, wire cutters, flashlights, duct tape, screwdrivers, and awls. You can buy a complete kit from an auto parts store or create one yourself. The important thing is that it has all that you might need in an emergency.

Schedule a visit to a mechanic at least a day before your road trip. If you bought your Skoda from Brisbane City Citroen, you can take advantage of the Skoda service packs that came with your vehicle purchase. Talk to any of their representatives to find out more. As you can see, proper maintenance of your ride before your adventure can be easily inserted into your plans. See more at

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