Importance of stormwater drainage systems for your home and environment

For residential areas prone to flooding, installing quality domestic stormwater drainage systems is important. The purpose of such a system is to remove excess water accumulated during rainstorms. Whether is it from rainfall or groundwater, it goes to underground pipes and diverts to the nearest pond, stream, rivers, oceans or any water reservoir.

How does stormwater drainage work?

By carrying dirty water directly to creeks, streams, reservoirs or ponds, it helps prevent flooding. However, you should take note that trash, pesticides, motor oil and other chemicals should not enter the domestic stormwater drainage systems. It may possibly pollute the waterways and pose a threat to fish, wildlife and humans.

Water continuously moves around; in fact, the same water that existed from the beginning is still around. However, as the population increases, the demand for water resources also increases. This results in a limited water supply.

Due to urbanisation, lands that capture large volumes of rain is now replaced with streets, buildings or parking lots. Consequently, a lot of rainwater cannot seep into the ground or are sometimes contaminated with bacteria from animal or human waste, causing water pollution. That is why homeowners should maintain their drainage systems, so they can reuse water once it reaches the waterways.

Importance of effective domestic stormwater drainage systems

Clean your storm drains regularly so you can enjoy the following perks:

  1. Limits repair costs and maintain the water quality

A well-cleaned storm drain reduces the pollution level in your property effectively. Therefore, do not confuse your storm drain with the drains connected to the local sewer treatment system. However, if the storm drain is contaminated, it could affect the quality of water that is supplied back to the neighbourhood. You can prevent this with regular cleaning and maintenance of your water drain system.

  1. It stops harmful odours and gas buildups

If the storm drains are located near homes with gardens, organic waste content might accumulate in the storm drains. Once fertilisers used in gardens mix with stormwater going into storm drains, this results in harmful gasses once the gas starts decomposing.

  1. Prevents structural damage of a private property

If your storm drain is not clean, it might get clogged with debris and may fail to be effective. Usually, clogging happens when the debris washes along with the stormwater. Once the storm drain is clogged, excess water might enter your basement or the foundation of your home. This will eventually cause structural damage over time. That is why keeping your storm drain clean is important.

Just like wastewater treatment systems, stormwater also undergoes a process to improve stormwater runoff quality. To ensure that you have a great drainage system, it is important to maintain the integrity of the surface structure.

Look for a company that specialises in multiple storm drainage systems, ranging from residential to commercial. Ensure that they take environmental protection seriously and commit to using materials that reduce the impact on the environment.

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