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Protect your car by insulating your garage door with polystyrene

It’s important to keep your garage on favourable temperature. Either extreme heat or cold weather in Brisbane can cause damage to your car. That leads to big inconvenience and expenses for repairs. Thus, you should install the best garage door insulation Brisbane has today, and polystyrene sheets can do the job!

Polystyrene is a popular multipurpose material for Brisbane homes and businesses. That’s because of its properties, such as being soundproof, waterproof, recyclable and practical to apply among other qualities. Not mentioning that it’s an excellent insulator as well, which is perfect in keeping favourable temperature in a garage. And that’s exactly why it became a popular garage door insulation material in the city.

What makes polystyrene one of the best garage door insulation Brisbane material

Do you wonder why many businesses and homeowners prefer polystyrene sheets for garage door insulation? Here are few reasons you should know, which can definitely satisfy your own garage as well:

High quality protection

Expanded polystyrene insulation can keep favourable temperature in your garage by reducing air exchange. Air exchange happens when cool indoor air goes out, while hot outdoor air goes inside or vice versa. During a hot summer day, for example, polystyrene insulation can keep hot air outside and cool air inside. That keeps hot air from toasting your car in your garage.

In addition, polystyrene sheets are popular for being waterproof and dustproof. It can resist moulds or fungi as well. Thus, it helps protect your car and other tools from harmful elements, keeping them in good condition for a long time. Click here Koolfoam

Enhance energy efficiency in your home

Yes, using polystyrene to insulate your garage door can give significant effects to your entire household. Remember that this garage door insulation Brisbane material keeps hot or cold air inside your space. Thus, it keeps cold air coming from your air conditioning (AC) unit indoors, which prevents your machine from working harder. It reduces significant energy consumption within your home, and ultimately pulls down your electric bill.

Practical and easy to install

Polystyrene sheets are much cheaper than other options. You can easily purchase a sufficient size to cover your garage door from your local hardware store. Moreover, it’s easy to install, since you can conveniently cut it into shapes or sizes you need. You can also buy affordable yet reliable adhesives to secure the material on your garage door.

Keep external noise outside

Many Brisbane business and office use polystyrene for soundproofing purposes as well. And you can certainly use this garage door insulation Brisbane material for such purpose too. Install it on your garage door, and it can efficiently block external noise from coming in. Thus, you can work in your garage without too much disturbances.

Highly recyclable

Finally, polystyrene is a highly recyclable material that you can use on some other purpose. For example, you can remove old polystyrene insulation systems, then use them for home decors or artworks. You can also bring them to recycling plants or polystyrene manufacturers. Then, they will process it to create polystyrene cake dummies, food containers or new insulation sheets among other products.

Polystyrene garage door insulation offers all of these benefits for you. It can protect your garage well, thus keeping your precious car from harmful elements. Moreover, it can give a lot of value for you and your household as well.

And if you want to buy the best insulation sheets, polystyrene blocks or polystyrene cake dummies Brisbane has today, check out They offer high quality extended polystyrene for different purposes, and you can buy it on affordable price rates.

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